Gratitude is something I need to work on every single day of my life.  It is something I need to practice and set time aside to do.  With the book, Gratitude, A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal, I can do just that.


Each morning or evening, I can sit down and devote myself to  becoming a more gracious person.  This particular journal is set up with a short prayer, Bible verse, space to reflect, and an area to color and express creativity while focusing on gratitude.  The journal prompts are simple, and give lots of room to dig deep into your soul.  The drawings to color are simple and mindless so you can really concentrate on the true task at hand.  I really like this journal and would recommend it to anyone who needs a little more gratitude in their lives.

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

Pop Manga Coloring Book

One of my favorite activities to do with my kids is color.  It is so nice that adult coloring books have been created so parents can color alongside their children, in a book that is at their level.


Pop Manga Coloring Book by Camilla d’Errico is quite different from any other coloring book I have used or seen.  It is very bizarre and quite crazy.  Most of the pages involve a little girl doing something or wearing something a little “out there.”  For example, one page has the little girl holding an alligator, while another has her wearing a robot contraption on top of her head.  The coloring book was a little too bizarre for my taste, but I can see many other people who are more artsy who would love it.  Some of the pictures are simple to color, while others are very intricate.  Overall, it is a great coloring book, just not exactly my personal taste.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

Modern Potluck

I have quite a little obsession with cookbooks.  They are so enticing to look through and I love trying out new recipes with my family.  I was drawn to Modern Potluck by Kristin Donnelly.  The cover made me feel like the recipes were going to remind me of growing up and comfort food.


I was spot on.  The cookbook is divided into chapters including Slow-Cooked & Served Hot, Baked & Savory, and Sweets among others.  The very first recipe in the book is something I will be trying real soon.  It’s called Sweet-Spicy-Salty Snack Mix and some of the ingredients include popcorn, rice crackers, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and brown sugar.  The picture looks just decadent and the step by step instructions look easy to follow.  For each recipe the author tells you how you can prep the dish for a potluck.   I really like the cookbook is laid out and most of the dishes include ingredients I have heard of.  It is definitely a cookbook you should check out if you’re looking for new recipes to share with a crowd.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

Home Sewn

Home Sewn by Cassandra Ellis is a wonderful collection of projects and inspiration for every room.  The book is divided into three categories, Living, Resting, and Eating & Sharing.  Each project then gives you a list of things “You’ll need,” some of which you may have to purchase, things “You’ll also need,” which are common items you probably already have, and precise instructions on how to go about the project.  The directions are very easy to follow.  I really like how the author included numerous photos of the finished product in different settings you can truly be inspired.


I have bookmarked many ideas within the book that I would like to someday begin.  The first project I would like to tackle is to make linen ottomans.  I believe it is for beginner to intermediate crafters.  There is quite a range within the book of projects from beginner to advanced.  Some of the quilts, although have great detailed instruction, are more for the advanced sewers.  In the back of the book there is a great resource for purchasing some of the materials as well as kits to make the projects easier to tackle.  For example, you can buy a lamp shade kit or a headboard kit online.  Another great feature of Home Sewn is many of the projects and patterns can be downloaded from the author’s website

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

Punderdome, The Card Game


Looking for a new game to play at your next social gathering?  Look no further!  Punderdome, the card game is an easy to teach, easy to learn, and easy to play game for anyone over twelve.  All you need to play is the little box that contains everything, and three or more people.  You also need to prepare yourself to laugh and have a good time.

Inside the box are 200 different play cards with words or phrases.  Simply pick two cards, create a pun, and whoever creates the most terrible pun wins!  For example, draw “religion” and “fighting” and you can say “All Catholics do is argue with each other.”  The more people play the more fun it is.  I like how small the game itself is.  It’s great to throw in your bag for travel and parties.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

God Bless America

9780735289741As this Fourth of July holiday weekend approaches it is only fitting I review a patriotic book.  God Bless America, A Patriotic Coloring Book, is a great book to slow down, relax, and express creativity as you color your way through history.

Each coloring page has a story to go along with it.  For example, a page with an army jet fighter & parachute people, also has the Pledge of Allegiance and the history behind the Pledge of Allegiance.  Some of the pages includes quotes from past presidents and influential leaders of our history.  I really like how thick each page is, so I can use many forms of color including marker to express my creativity.  This coloring book would be great for history buffs or anyone looking to relax and learn a little bit about our country.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

The Wilderness Resort


The Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells is by far the greatest place to stay in the Midwest.  It has every amenity you can ever imagine from indoor and outdoor waterparks, to video arcades, to on site restaurants.  You never have to leave the resort.  They even have free shuttle service that will bring you anywhere on the resort.

We stayed at the Wilderness Resort with my entire family; all 18 of us.  We slept in one of their many cabins, the 5 Bedroom Retreat.  It fit all of us perfectly with room to spare!  We had people of all ages from under a year to 70 years old, and everyone felt comfortable.  Each family had their own bathroom, and the kitchen provided amble space for our meals.  We even enjoyed some pizza out on the oversized deck.  The cabin provided enough tables and chairs so everyone had a seat and could eat leisurely.


When we were not in our cabin we frequented one of the four indoor waterparks.  My kids really enjoyed Klondike Kavern, which has a very relaxing lazy river.  It takes you throughout the entire indoor waterpark so you’re able to check out which slides, pools, and water play areas you want to try out next.


We also utilized the Wild Fun Pass during our trip… which at a cost of $24.95 gave us a valued savings on some of the most popular attractions at the resort. It Includes admission to two 3D mini golf courses, bumper boats, the resort’s amazing two-story laser tag arena , a fun laser maze, an indoor ropes course with over 40 challenges, indoor go-karts and more!  We sure stayed busy during our visit.


We had the time of our lives at the Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells.  We were sad to leave, but look forward to planning another trip in the very near future.  We want to check out the outdoor waterparks next! I would highly recommend the Wilderness Resort to couples, families, and people of all ages who just want to have a great time with everything in one spot.  We most definitely will be back!

The Field Guide to Sports Metaphors

The Field Guide to Sports Metaphors was a very fun book to read and it came at the perfect time.  We are building a new house and we are huge sports fans in our family.  After I read the whole book I chose my favorite metaphors from the book (which I highlighted as I read) from each sport.


My wife is then going to put them on her cricket machine and make wall stickems’ and put all the fun sport metaphors in our children’s sports themed rooms.  Another thing that I loved about the book is that it had some really interested information about sports that I had never known.  There were a lot of metaphors that I never knew what they meant.  All in all I thought it was great read and a lot of fun.  This will definitely be a book that I got back and read pieces here and there.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

The Rooftop Growing Guide

I found this book extremely helpful especially if your not a master gardener.  For me this was kind of my first vegetable garden I ever really built from scratch.


This book helped my to pick out the exact kind of garden that would work for my situation.  Then it explained in detail, how to build and plant and take care of the garden.  This was nice for me since I’m kind of a beginner so it pretty much covered everything.  Also the construction part of the garden you don’t have to be a union carpenter to be able to build either.  Overall this was a really good book and it has things that I can even try in the future for when I get the hand of it, so it’s not only good for beginners like me but people who have been gardening forever.  Great book!

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”


Adult coloring books have become the new craze, and I have yet to jump on board.  I came across this delightful coloring book, “Wonderland,” which is inspired by Alice’s Adventures.


Upon opening the book, I immediately fell in love.  Each page is different and each page tells a story from Alice in Wonderland.  It is broken up into chapters, just like the book.  Each chapter begins with a short summary of what is going on in the story, followed by coloring pages to go with it.  There are even puzzles and prompts throughout the book.  This coloring book is completely unique.


I’m so happy I now have my own coloring book I can color in while my kids color in theirs.  We now have coloring parties in our pajamas.


“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”