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PiYo Week One

I officially completed my first week of PiYo and I’m in love!!!  In one week I lost 1.2 pounds, woohoo!  Went from 131 pounds to 129.8 pounds.

Week one consisted of 6 workouts.



Day One- Align: The Fundamentals

This workout taught all of the moves of PiYo in an easy to follow format.

Day Two- Define: Lower Body

This workout lasted 20 minutes long and focused all on the bottom half of the body.  Very fluid motions for lengthening your legs.  It was tough, but nice and short.

Day Three- Define: Upper Body

This worked lasted 20 minutes long and focused all on the top half of the body and the core.  It was harder than it looked, and I definitely felt it in my shoulders and arms the next day.

Day Four- Sweat

This was supposed to be a rest day according to the PiYo calendar, but I like to do all six workouts in a row and then take a day off. The name of this workout, “Sweat,” is no joke.  38 minutes of downward dogs, planks, squats, push-ups, lunges, and warrior 3’s.  It felt amazing, but was very challenging.

Day Five- Define: Lower Body

Day Six- Define: Upper Body


If you are looking for a workout with no jumping or weights, this is it.  Amazing results all done with your own body weight. I cannot wait to see my results in the coming weeks! Want to join me?  Fill out this form and I’ll send you all of the details.  Summer will be here sooner than you think!

PiYo: A Fresh Start

After trying out a few of the workouts from PiYo I have decided to do the entire 60 Day program.  My first day was yesterday, yes a Friday.  I used to always have the mentality of I’ll start Monday, or I’ll start next week.  Not anymore. I’m trying to take one day at a time and live each day healthier than the last.  So yesterday I took my before photos.  Taking a before picture of your body is so important.  You need a visual of where you started.  I will post my before picture side by side with my after photo in 60 days.

I also weighed myself and took measurements.  Since I’ve already lost the bulk of my weight, thanks to P90X3, T25, and 21 Day Fix, I don’t have too much more to lose.  I’m more concerned with toning up and losing inches.  So, I measured each of my biceps, each of my thighs, my waist, and my hips.  In 30 days I will measure and see what I have lost.  My weight was 131, and I’m really hoping to get to 126 in 60 days.  I’m hoping I can stay on track with my nutrition so I can achieve this goal!

The best part of PiYo is I can do it with my kiddos. Annabelle just loves exercising with mommy on her own pink yoga mat.


So what is PiYo?

Think Pilates and Yoga squished together in a very low-impact, but high-intensity workouts. Burn lots of calories, get long & lean muscles, without jumping or running.  All of the workouts are choreographed by Chalene Johnson, and she is such a sweetheart.  She is very motivating, clearly explains the exercises, and is just very kind-hearted. I love working out with her each day.