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God’s Not Dead 2

I can honestly say I never read God’s Not Dead, I only saw the movie.  The film was absolutely incredible, so I can only imagine how great the book was.  I could not wait to dive into God’s Not Dead 2.


It begins with a high school history teacher leading a discussion about Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.  A student brings up Jesus’ role, and another student starts quoting scripture.  Parents find out, complain, the teacher gets suspended from school, and a lawsuit ensues.  I was expecting the main characters to be the same as God’s Not Dead.  They were all different, but the author does a great job of bringing the first books’ characters in and explaining what they are up to now.

I liked that the chapters were short, so I could read it even with the kids running around. It was easy to follow, very inspiring, and very moving.  It makes you realize how God is everywhere, and will help you, you just need to pray and ask.  I highly recommend it, and cannot wait for the movie to come out!

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Meet the New You

Self improvement is something I am really interested in.  Whether it be physically, mentally, or spiritually,  I am always trying to become a better person for myself, my husband, my kids, and for God.  Sometimes I just feel like I’m in a rut and do not know how to get out.  I feel like I need to start over.  I came across a great book that teaches you to do just that in only 21 days.


Meet the New You by Elisa Pulliam, is a 21-Day plan for embracing fresh attitudes and focused habits for real life change.  Each day you are required to dig a little deeper and question yourself a little more.  It begins with a short story that is very relatable.  I love how she incorporates God and what is best in God’s eyes.  The author has added in Bible verses throughout each day’s chapter so you can further your reading if you choose to.  After the story comes the action part.  The book is very much like a workbook.  It has you answer questions about yourself and your journey.  For example, Day 2’s focus was how you divide your time throughout the day.  One of the question’s at the end was, “Could you be making better use of your time? If so, explain your thoughts.”  The day ends with a short prayer.


I really liked the format of the book.  Very easy to understand and follow along with.  It only took about 10 minutes out of my day to complete, which is nice when you’re looking for something quick to do.  I chose not to write in the book and write my answers in a notebook.  I figured this way I can read the book over and over while keeping the question portion clean.  I highly recommend this book if you are looking for an easy, worthwhile way to improve yourself mentally and spiritually.

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Jesus Speaks Devotional

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First of all I would just like to say I love how this book is structured.  I love how you read one page each day and you really get to concentrate on what the passage was about and apply it in your life.  So that way you don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed by reading too much and trying to take in too much.


The book has a passage in it each day where they have it as if Jesus is speaking directly towards you.  Which feels awesome when your reading it, it just means so much more that they make you feel like He’s talking to you.  Sometimes the passages don’t always apply to where I am in life right now but other times they hit the nail right on the head and it really hits you deep inside.

The book is  a great book that has 365 passages one for each day of the year and so far I love the book and would recommend it to anyone.

Luther and Katharina

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I like to read historical books.  Luther and Katharine by Jody Hedlund, brings you back into the 1500’s.  It brings you into a time when the Christian revolution was strong and terrifying.  The love story within it will keep you on the edge of wonder.


You will get to understand the difference between two people on each side of the Christian movement.  The way they learned what life with God inside the church was also just as fulfilling outside the church.  How the church started to change and how women were treated.  All the cruelty that people were given because of what they believed in.  There is so much history in this book, it really is a great read!

The Play-Along Bible

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

Every night I read my two children stories before bed.  I let each of them choose a book and then I read them a Christian story or some Bible verses.  Sometimes they pay attention, sometimes they get bored.  I’m always looking for a fun way to make learning about Jesus fun.


The Play-Along Bible does just that! Each page is a very short Bible story, explained in kid language, so they actually understand the story.  After each line there is an action they are supposed to act out.  For example, “pretend to eat,” “hands together to pray,” or “cheer hooray.”


My kids cannot wait to finish each line of the story so they can participate and do whatever action they’re supposed to do.  The Play-Along Bible has really helped them become more excited about God and truly understand what the Bible is all about.  I highly recommend this book to anyone with children.  It’s great for kids of all ages, from 1-13.  The colors are vibrant, and the stories are upbeat.  I cannot say enough great things about this book!

Prayer Points

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

As I have talked about numerous times on my blog, reading God’s Word is very important to me.  I do not take enough time out of my day to read, pray, or reflect.  Sometimes I struggle to find just the right prayer to help me get through what I am currently dealing with.  Prayer Points has come in handy for many of these occasions.


The book is about praying God’s promises at your point of need.  It is broken up into categories such as death, feeling on edge, loneliness, perfectionism, sleeplessness, etc.  The back contains an index where you can easily find any topic you need.  Each section is then broken down into what the problem is, what God’s promise is (using scripture), a prayer that will help you let go and give to God, and then a short exercise to help you through the issue.  It is super helpful and easy to understand.


I like how small it is, so I can carry it in my purse.  I highly recommend Prayer Points to anyone who needs guidance with prayer or some support to get through life’s curveballs.

Jesus Speaks

I have always enjoyed reading the Bible, but honestly I don’t make reading it a priority.  I miss reading it, though, which is why I was excited to read Jesus Speaks.  It is 365 days of daily guidance and encouragement, straight from the words of Christ.


Each page of Jesus Speaks pertains to a day of the year.  It shares a Bible verse and then explains it.  Each page also relates it back to real life and how to connect it in everyday.  It’s my daily dose of Jesus and I really am enjoying it.  This book is a book I can read every day of my life forever and ever.  I highly recommend it.  For more information or to take a peak inside the book, go to

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

God For The Rest Of Us

I had the opportunity to review God For The Rest Of Us by Vince Antonucci.

God For The Rest Of Us is a book for people, who in my mind, are not overtly religious.  The author is a pastor who helps people on the Las Vegas strip.  The book relays his many accounts with atheists, druggies, skeptics, and sinners.  It’s a very uplifting book that shows how God really is for every single person.  No matter your past, God is there for you.


I had the opportunity to review Thresholds by Sherre Hirsch.  It is a book on how to thrive through life’s transitions to live fearlessly and regret-free.

I found this book to be very uplifting. She really gives you some real life ways to apply the methods. They are nothing too crazy or out there, just methods you forgot about it. I liked that she said there is “no magic pill” for happiness. Some people believe if they’re not always in a great mood, they should go see a doctor and get medicated. Turning to prayer and your inner peace is much better for the body.  I found the book to be a fast read and very enjoyable. Living with no regrets isn’t easy, but much more manageable through the ways of this book.

Living with Intent, by Mallika Chopra

IMG_6358A goal of mine each day is to read something positive, uplifting, and motivational.  I try to avoid reading or watching the news since it’s usually packed with negative stories, cop hating trash, and overall nothing positive.  I’m always looking for new books to read and had the pleasure of reading, “Living with Intent,” by Mallika Chopra.

The book is centered upon Mallika’s search to find more happiness and purpose in her life.  It not only covers her successes, but she also shares her failures.  This is something I really liked.  I love to hear how people can rise above their failures and come out ahead.  She has divided the book into 6 steps of her journey to achieve intent: Incubate, Notice, Trust, Express, Nurture, and Take Action.

Each chapter entails Mallika’s journey, who has inspired her, her ups, and downs, etc.  My favorite part of the book is the end of each chapter.  She wraps up each one with a Reflection and Practice.  She tells you what she was trying to get across and how to carry it out in your own life.  Mallika talks a lot about meditation and how it has changed her life.  Someday I would like to include it in my own life.  It is very hard for me to shut off my brain and just think about nothing, so I think it would really be beneficial for me.  Overall, a really great read and easy to relate to.

For more info on Mallika Chopra, you can find it here:

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”