Abask Dust Buster

I absolutely love the Abask handheld vacuum. VERY easy to assemble, and lasts for over 10 minutes without recharging. It comes with different attachments to get in crevices, go on carpeting, use on tile, etc.

I was pleasantly surprised it came with enough attachments so I could stand and vacuum. Most handheld cordless vacuums do not have this option. I was able to vacuum three tile bathroom floors, my large tile laundry room, and my carpeted steps and it did not even start to slow down. It comes with a bag to hold all of the attachments, which I love, and a hook so I can hang it. It’s easy to clean, easy to use, and best of all it has great suction. I HIGHLY recommend this handheld vacuum. I had a few questions for the company, and they were very quick to respond as well. Great customer service.