The Field Guide to Sports Metaphors

The Field Guide to Sports Metaphors was a very fun book to read and it came at the perfect time.  We are building a new house and we are huge sports fans in our family.  After I read the whole book I chose my favorite metaphors from the book (which I highlighted as I read) from each sport.


My wife is then going to put them on her cricket machine and make wall stickems’ and put all the fun sport metaphors in our children’s sports themed rooms.  Another thing that I loved about the book is that it had some really interested information about sports that I had never known.  There were a lot of metaphors that I never knew what they meant.  All in all I thought it was great read and a lot of fun.  This will definitely be a book that I got back and read pieces here and there.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”