The Catholic Catalogue

I was raised Catholic, but after I made my First Communion, we moved out of state and stopped really practicing.  I met my husband in high school and started going to church again with him.  I received my Confirmation, was married in a Catholic Church, and both of my kids have received Baptism.  I am just now really starting to learn and become interested in my faith.


As I read The Catholic Catalogue, I have learned that Catholicism is more than just going to church.  There are so many traditions and relics with stories and important meanings behind them.  Some of them I knew about, Christmas, St. Nicholas, holy water, the sign of the cross, etc. Many of them I was not aware of, such as St. Lucy, the saint for schoolgirls, or that the Fourth of July is not just a national holiday but a Catholic celebration.  The book is so informative and explains so easily.  I love that the chapters are short and to the point.  There is no fluff, just truth.

I highly recommend The Catholic Catalogue to any Catholic wanting to learn more about their faith.  I plan on keeping this book as a reference.  I’m sure my kids will start asking me questions, and it’s hard to remember it all.  Great, Great book.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”