God’s Not Dead 2

I can honestly say I never read God’s Not Dead, I only saw the movie.  The film was absolutely incredible, so I can only imagine how great the book was.  I could not wait to dive into God’s Not Dead 2.


It begins with a high school history teacher leading a discussion about Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.  A student brings up Jesus’ role, and another student starts quoting scripture.  Parents find out, complain, the teacher gets suspended from school, and a lawsuit ensues.  I was expecting the main characters to be the same as God’s Not Dead.  They were all different, but the author does a great job of bringing the first books’ characters in and explaining what they are up to now.

I liked that the chapters were short, so I could read it even with the kids running around. It was easy to follow, very inspiring, and very moving.  It makes you realize how God is everywhere, and will help you, you just need to pray and ask.  I highly recommend it, and cannot wait for the movie to come out!

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