Ice Cream Wear

Faith and Family Fitness received the following product in exchange for writing a review.  While we consider it a privilege to receive products to review, our reviews are our honest opinion and thoughts of the product.

I would call myself a pretty active person.  I workout 5-6 days a week, depending on the week. I’m also a busy stay at home mom of two.  Being fashionable is not at the top of my list.  Comfort and versatility are important in my life.  90% of the time my hair is in a ponytail, so I try to “look cute” by changing up my headbands.


I was really impressed with the headband I received from Ice Cream.  Not only was it super stylish, but it was extremely comfortable.  I put it on in the morning to run my errands, and wore it throughout my PiYo workout.  It didn’t move, and it kept the hair out of my eyes.  I loved how vibrant the color is, and how soft the material is.  The headband was made from 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex.  It’s also machine washable which is a huge plus!


Their website offers a ton of choices ranging from headbands, to workout pants, and fitness tops.  They will custom make their clothing to fit you.  What I absolutely love about this company is their commitment to helping women achieve and maintain their body weight.  When you lose inches and your Ice Cream Wear is too large for you, they will alter it for you, free of charge.  How amazing is that!  For more information and to see all of their products, check out

Jesus Speaks Devotional

Blogging for Books provided me a complimentary copy of this book.

First of all I would just like to say I love how this book is structured.  I love how you read one page each day and you really get to concentrate on what the passage was about and apply it in your life.  So that way you don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed by reading too much and trying to take in too much.


The book has a passage in it each day where they have it as if Jesus is speaking directly towards you.  Which feels awesome when your reading it, it just means so much more that they make you feel like He’s talking to you.  Sometimes the passages don’t always apply to where I am in life right now but other times they hit the nail right on the head and it really hits you deep inside.

The book is  a great book that has 365 passages one for each day of the year and so far I love the book and would recommend it to anyone.

Luther and Katharina

Blogging for Books has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

I like to read historical books.  Luther and Katharine by Jody Hedlund, brings you back into the 1500’s.  It brings you into a time when the Christian revolution was strong and terrifying.  The love story within it will keep you on the edge of wonder.


You will get to understand the difference between two people on each side of the Christian movement.  The way they learned what life with God inside the church was also just as fulfilling outside the church.  How the church started to change and how women were treated.  All the cruelty that people were given because of what they believed in.  There is so much history in this book, it really is a great read!

The Play-Along Bible

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

Every night I read my two children stories before bed.  I let each of them choose a book and then I read them a Christian story or some Bible verses.  Sometimes they pay attention, sometimes they get bored.  I’m always looking for a fun way to make learning about Jesus fun.


The Play-Along Bible does just that! Each page is a very short Bible story, explained in kid language, so they actually understand the story.  After each line there is an action they are supposed to act out.  For example, “pretend to eat,” “hands together to pray,” or “cheer hooray.”


My kids cannot wait to finish each line of the story so they can participate and do whatever action they’re supposed to do.  The Play-Along Bible has really helped them become more excited about God and truly understand what the Bible is all about.  I highly recommend this book to anyone with children.  It’s great for kids of all ages, from 1-13.  The colors are vibrant, and the stories are upbeat.  I cannot say enough great things about this book!