Warrior Dash Photos

So they finally posted more Warrior Dash pictures and I just had to share!

The first photo is of me jumping over fire!!! I laugh every time I look at this photo, it just cracks me up.  I was very intense!


This was me doing an obstacle where you walk along a strap a couple of feet above a mud pond and grab onto rope like monkey bars.  Meanwhile, water is pouring down into your face.  I ended up falling into the mud pit.  I was too short to grab the ropes above.

wd3 wd13

Here is a balance beam two stories high. This was after climbing up a rope wall and I was definitely getting tired.


Muddy Mayhem was the final obstacle.  Crawling in three feet of murky, muddy water under barbed wire was quite the experience.  I could not believe I was actually doing this, I hate getting dirty.

wd10 wd9

Lots and lots of really good memories that I will cherish for a lifetime!

wd12 wd15